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Declaration:property SelColor: TColor;

The property SelColor contains the currently selected color. This color can be selected from the drop down menu of the TSelCol component. The following default colors are available:

clBlack, clMaroon, clGreen, clOlive, clNavy, clPurple, clTeal, clGray, clSilver, clRed, clLime, clYellow, clBlue, clFuchsia, clAqua, clWhite, clMoneyGreen, clSkyBlue, clCream, clMedGray, clActiveBorder, clActiveCaption, clAppWorkSpace, clBackground, clBtnFace, clBtnHighlight, clBtnShadow, clBtnText, clCaptionText, clDefault, clGrayText, clHighLight, clHighLightText, clInactiveBorder, clInactiveCaption, clInactiveCaptionText, clInfoBk, clInfoText, clMenu, clMenuText, clNone, clScrollBar, cl3DDkShadow, cl3DLight, clWindow, clWindowFrame, clWindowText

Note that the property SelColor can also be set programmatically by assigning any color value to it. In this case the TColSel component either displays one of the predefined colors, or, if the assigned color does not match any of the predefined colors, it loads the currently selected color with the color value.

Example: This property is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): selcolor, gradfill, htmllabel, interpol3d, minical, numlabel, plotit3d, prjmeter, rasterlabel, rctextlabel, replistv, sdlprogbar, shcstruk, simplegeomap, slides

Last Update: 2013-Mai-30