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Declaration:property ColorEditAllowed [Index: integer]: boolean;

The array property ColorEditAllowed controls whether a particular color (parameter Index) may be edited by the user or not. If ColorEditAllowed is set to TRUE, the color may be changed by the user by clicking into the color field. This starts up the color dialog where the user can select a new color. Colors which are allowed to be changed by the user are marked by a special symbol:

By default this property is FALSE for all colors. If the parameter Index takes an illegal value (less than 1 or greater than NumColors ) the array property returns a false value on read, and ignores the value on write.

Hint: The colors are indexed from 1 to NumColors and not from 0 to NumColors-1. Thus you have to add 1 when accessing a color by the property ItemIndex of the combo box.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20