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Unit: SDL_sdlcolors
Class: none
PredefinedColors : array [1..MaxPreDefColors] of TColor =
   (clBlack, clMaroon, clGreen, clOlive, clNavy,
    clPurple, clTeal, clGray, clSilver, clRed,
    clLime, clYellow, clBlue, clFuchsia, clAqua,
    clWhite, clMoneyGreen, clSkyBlue, clCream,
    clMedGray, clActiveBorder, clActiveCaption,
    clAppWorkSpace, clBackground, clBtnFace,
    clBtnHighlight, clBtnShadow, clBtnText,
    clCaptionText, clDefault, clGrayText,
    clHighLight, clHighLightText, clInactiveBorder,
    clInactiveCaption, clInactiveCaptionText, clInfoBk,
    clInfoText, clMenu, clMenuText, clNone, clScrollBar,
    cl3DDkShadow, cl3DLight, clWindow, clWindowFrame,

The constant array PredefinedColors contains the Windows colors in the same order as they are offered by many Windows dialogs. You may use the constants NumVGAColors and NumStandardColors to restrict the color list to "real" colors (all colors above NumStandardColors are Windows system colors which depend on the system settings.

Last Update: 2017-Okt-11