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Class: TReportListView
Declaration: property ColumnEditable [ColNr: longint]: boolean;

The property ColumnEditable determines whether a particular column of the report list view can be edited by an in-place editor or is read-only. The parameter ColNr specifies the number of the column (valid range: 1..NrOfColumns). Please note that ColumnEditable overrides the Option goEditing. By default, all columns are read-only.

The value of ColumnEditable does not affect the check boxes (if IsCheckedColumn [ColNr] is set TRUE), but only affects the text of the cells.

Hint 1: Editing cells by means of the InPlaceEditor requires the option goRowSelect to be set to FALSE.

Hint 2: A better way to edit cell values is to use the method EditRowEntries.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20