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Declaration: [1] function CheckIfValidReplist (FName, DataID: string): boolean;
[2] function CheckIfValidReplist (InStream: TStream; DataID: string): boolean;

The function CheckIfValidReplist reads either the file FName (Version 1) or the stream InStream (Version 2) and checks whether the file (or stream, respectively) contains a valid XML representation of the data contained either by a TReportListview or a TRLData component. The parameter DataID allows to search for a specific report list view. If DataID is left empty, the first occurrence of a report listview is checked for validity.

Hint: Please note that CheckIfValidReplist is not a class member but an ordinary function. Thus you can check an XML construct without the need to create a TReportListview or a TRLData instance.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20