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Declaration:function ReadFromXMLStream (const InStream: TStream; DataID: string): boolean;

The function ReadFromXMLStream reads the data from the current position of the stream InStream. If the parameter DataID is empty, the first <assocarray> tag is evaluated and read into the associative array. If DataID is not empty, the entire rest of the stream is read until a <assocarray> tag is found whose attribute "id " matches DataID (the recognition of the "id " attribute is not case-sensitive). The property DataID is set to the identification string of the XML data source. The function ReadFromXMLStream returns TRUE if both a valid starting tag <assocarray> and a valid end tag </assocarray> has been found and the associative array has been updated.

Hint: Please note that the type of the data will be changed to the more general type when reading data from an XML file (e.g. shortint or byte will become integer).

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20