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Public Constants

Constant Value Explanation
defShadowWidth 0 default width of shadow
defPenStyle psSolid default pen style
defDataCol clblack default data color
defScaleCol clBlack default scale color
defFillCol clSilver default fill color
defChartCol clWhite default chart background color
defWindCol clBtnFace default window background color
defGridCol clBlack default grid color
defLineWid 1 default line width
defPCHeight 160 default height
defPCWidth 240 default width
defDecPlcRad 2 nr. of dec. places on radius
defDecPlcPhi 0 nr. of dec. places for angle
IsLightEd - see description
MaxCrossH 4 number of crosshairs
MaxTxtLbl 20 number of text labels
Release - see description
SDLVersionInfo - see description

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20