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Common Constants in Electromagnetism

Identifier Value Units Description
uc_BohrMagneton 9.2740089910-24 J T-1 Bohr magneton
uc_BohrMagneton_eVT 5.78838174910-5 eV T-1 Bohr magneton in eV/T
uc_ConductanceQuantum 7.74809169610-5 S-1 conductance quantum
uc_ElectronCharge 1.60217646210-19 A s electron charge (also known as elementary charge)
uc_ElectronMagneticMoment 9.2847636210-24 A m2 electron magnetic moment
uc_Faraday 9.6485341472104 A s mol-1 Faraday constant
uc_JosephsonConstant 483597.898109 Hz V-1 Josephson constant
uc_MagneticFluxQuantum 2.06783363610-15 Wb-1 magnetic flux quantum
uc_NuclearMagneton 5.0507831710-27 J T-1 nuclear magneton
uc_NuclearMagneton_eVT 3.15245123810-8 eV T-1 nuclear magneton in eV/T
uc_VacuumImpedance 376.730313461 Ohm vacuum impedance
uc_VacuumPermeability 1.2566370614410-6 N A-2 vacuum permeability (magnetic constant; 4Pi*10-7)
uc_VacuumPermittivity 8.85418781710-12 F m-1 vacuum permittivity (electric constant)

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20