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Unit: SDL_plot3d
Class: TPlot3D
Declaration: property ColorLow: TColor;

If the property ColorCodingMode is not equal to ccmColorArray the property ColorLow determines the color used for the lowest z-value defined by the property ColorScaleLow. Depending on ColorCodingMode the colors for values greater than ColorScaleLow are either interpolated towards ColorMid, or ColorHigh, or are taken from the color array IsoColors.

Example: This property is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): interpol3d, plot3dhole, plotit3d

Hint: Due to a bug in Delphi 2005 (.NET only) the surface cannot be colored using a color gradient. The color of the surface is fixed and corresponds to the color defined by the property ColorHigh. This bug occurs only under the .NET environment, under Win32 the color gradient is rendered as expected.

As of January 2005, there is no known work-around for this bug. If you need to display colored surfaces, you have to use Win32.

Last Update: 2013-Mär-24