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Unit: SDL_minical
Class: TMiniCal
Declaration: function CheckHoliday (Year,Month,Day: integer; var Caption: string): boolean;

The method CheckHoliday checks the date specified by the parameters Year, Month, and Day and returns TRUE if that day is a holiday. The variable parameter Caption returns the name of the holiday (if it has been previously defined by either the method AddHoliday or AddRepeatHoliday). The name of pre-defined holidays depend on the Language property.

Please note that the results of CheckHoliday depends on the property ShowMovableHolidays. If ShowMovableHolidays is FALSE the movable holidays are not checked (in fact, CheckHoliday returns whether a particular day would be indicated as a holiday in the calendar sheet if IndicateHolidays is TRUE, and not whether it actually is one).

Example: This property is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): minical

Last Update: 2013-Mai-30