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Unit: SDL_sdlbase
Class: TCustomTextLabel
Declaration: property AttachToData: TTxtLblAttachMode;

The property AttachToData controls how the text label is attached to its container.

tlamNone the label is not attached at all
tlamXOnly the label is attached to the x-coordinates (i.e. the label stays at a given x value)
tlamYOnly the label is attached to the y-coordinates (i.e. the label stays at a given y value)
tlamBoth the label is attached to both the x- and the y-coordinates

Hint: In releases of the SDL Component Suite equal or lower to 8.2 the property AttachData was of type boolean. A former FALSE value corresponds to tlamNone, while a former TRUE value corresponds to tlamBoth.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20