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Declaration:property AtConnTo [AtIx, ConnIx: integer]: byte;

The property AtConnTo provides a low level access to the connection entries of an atom record. The user should note that there are more convenient methods to handle the creation and deletion of bonds (i.e. MakeConnection and CheckConnect).

When reading the property AtConnTo the returned value specifies the atom to which atom AtIx is connected via the bond with the index ConnIx. A zero value is returned, if no bond entry exists at the specified position.

When writing to the property AtConnTo, a bond between atoms AtIx and the atom specified by the entered value is created. The parameter ConnIx specifies the place in the connection table where this bond is stored. If AtConnTo receives a zero value, or ConnIx points to an non-empty element, the corresponding bond is destroyed.

Hint 1: If a bond is created by using AtConnTo, one should be aware that the type of the bond has to be defined separately by using the property AtTypConn.

Hint 2: Using AtConnTo creates a connection table which is not symmetric (cf. MakeSymmetricConnection).

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20